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Warmer, Filler, Ice breaker

Posted on: Mei 31, 2010

Activities to get students thinking in English and to activate their brain cells.
When planning a lesson particularly think about how you want it to start. A good beginning can set the tone of the lesson and get students alert and relaxed – the best condition for learning.

The first activity is often described as a warmer – an activity that gets students thinking in English and awakens their brain cells, and hopefully makes them feel positive about the lesson.

Warmers can review language from previous classes or can introduce new topics, ideas and language items. They can also be freestanding and have little connection with what was done before or will be done later in the lesson. Warmers are often energetic and fun.

Warmer: An activity designed to get things started, wake up tired students (and teachers) and prepare brains, mouths, ears and eyes for English.
*Teenagers: warmers 1: fruit and vegetables
A fun activity to practise fruit and vegetable vocabulary.
*Teenagers: warmers 2: riddles
An activity based on riddles to make learning English fun!
*Teenagers: warmers 3: jokes – a silly dictation
A fun way to encourage thinking skills and allow students to process the language
*Teenagers: warmers 4: lateral thinking
A fun activity to practise questions forms and a wide range of vocabulary.
*Teenagers: warmers 5: the balloon game
A fun way to introduce a new topic and to foster cooperation and team spirit.
*Teenagers: warmers 6: Sherlock Holmes
A great way to get all students moving and involved in a success-oriented task.
*Teenagers: warmers 7: noughts and crosses
A fun way to revise vocabulary from previous lessons.

Filler: An activity you can add to a class because you have time to fill.
* Pop the Balloons – Choose your child of the day by popping balloons!
* Early Work Ideas Smart Notebook Document – Charles Applegate has contributed this Smart Notebook file, containing a huge collection of ideas / activities which could be used during “Early Work”… when the children have just arrived at school.
* Definitions – A great Literacy activity to fill a few minutes, and to develop use of dictionaries.
* Start with a Joke! – Start each day with a joke to make the mornings fun!
* Word of the Day – A great way to increase children’s awareness of the meanings of new words.
* Spot the Spellings – Can your class spot your own spellings mistakes?
* Question of the Day – Fun activity which encourages research skills. Your class will love finding out the answers to the questions (which can cover any subject area).
* Object of the Day – Each day, look at an everyday object in relation to how it was designed and made.
* Phrase of the Day – Teach children the meaning of a famous phrase every day of the week.

Other Time-Filler Games and Ideas:
* Hangman Headlines – An enjoyable game which creates interest in current news issues.
* Noughts and Crosses – A fun way of questioning children about any topic.
* Kids’ Questions – A fun time-filler which you can use every day of the school year.
* Wink Murder! – A classic game which children love to play!
* Spy in the Camp – Will your chosen pupil guess who is leading the group’s actions?
* Do the Hokey Cokey – Use music to inject some fun into your day!
* Shoot Out – A simple activity which can be used in all curriculum areas.
* Odd One Out! – A simple game requiring children to find the odd one out in a group.
* If I were… – Find out what your class would do if they could take on the role of another pers
* Copying Images – Will your children be able to follow the instructions and copy the image?
* Title Pages – A simple way of using a few spare minutes, which reinforces the concepts you are teaching within your topics.
* News Headlines – Turn a mundane event into a filler activity, using this headlines activity.
* Frogs and Flies – Play this fun version of Wink Wink Murder, with a froggy twist!
* The Key Master – A fantastic game which requires quiet and calmness from everyone in the class!
* Slam! – A fast-paced game which can be used within any curriculum subject.
* Heads Downs, Thumbs Up! – Children really enjoy this game, which improves listening skills.
* Chairs – It’s Boys against Girls in this brilliant game, which helps children to get to know each other.
* Orange, Orange, Orange – A fun game for circle time which requires speed and concentration.

Icebreaker: Activities you can use to make people more relaxed at the beginning of a course.
The Little Known Fact: Ask participants to share their name, department or role in the organization, length of service, and one little known fact about themselves.

This “little known fact” becomes a humanizing element that can help break down differences such as grade / status in future interaction.

True or False: Ask your participants to introduce themselves and make three or four statements about themselves, one of which is false. Now get the rest of the group to vote on which fact is false.

As well as getting to know each other as individuals, this ice breaker helps to start interaction within the group.

Interviews: Ask participants to get into twos. Each person then interviews his or her partner for a set time while paired up. When the group reconvenes, each person introduces their interviewee to the rest of the group.

Problem Solvers: Ask participants to work in small groups. Create a simple problem scenario for them to work on in a short time. Once the group have analyzed the problem and prepared their feedback, ask each group in turn to present their analysis and solutions to the wider group.

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